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n-narcissistic numbers…

This Python code is designed to find all n-narcissistic numbers for a given value of ( n ). An n-narcissistic number is an n-digit number that is equal to the sum of its own digits each raised to the power of ( n ).

The code consists of a function find_n_narcissistic_numbers(n), which takes an integer ( n ) as input and returns a list of all n-narcissistic numbers up to the specified value.

  1. Upper Bound Calculation: The code first calculates the upper bound for the search, which is the maximum possible n-narcissistic number. This is done by multiplying ( n ) by ( 9^n ), as 9 is the largest digit, and there are ( n ) digits in the number.
  2. Loop Through Potential Numbers: The code then iterates through all numbers from 0 to the upper bound. For each number, it: a. Converts the Number to a List of Digits: This is done by converting the number to a string and then into a list of integers. b. Checks if the Number is n-Narcissistic: The code verifies whether the sum of the digits each raised to the power of ( n ) is equal to the original number, and that the number of digits is equal to ( n ). If both conditions are met, the number is appended to the list of narcissistic numbers.
  3. User Input and Execution: Outside of the function, the code asks the user to input a value for ( n ) and then calls the function to find and print the n-narcissistic numbers.

By employing this approach, the code efficiently finds all n-narcissistic numbers for a given value of ( n ), providing insight into an interesting mathematical concept.

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